Parent-Teacher Conferences Survival Kit

Maybe it's working mommy guilt.......maybe it's because I can relate to what long days my kids' teachers are going through.....maybe it's because I wanted to get crafty :)  I think it was a little bit of all those things which inspired me to give my kids' teachers a Parent-Teacher Conference Survival Kit.  Conference time is one of the hardest weeks for a teacher.  Long days and lots of talking - dealing with unhappy parents and the happy ones! So I browsed the blogging world and came up with this:

I went and bought some little items that would fit in these tin buckets I had on hand (I am known to pick up random things in the dollar section at Target convinced I will find a use for them.  And see....I did!)  Candy, bandaids, breath mints, and Kleenex.

Then I typed up a little card with some cute reasons for why those things were in there - Bandaids for hurt parents, candy for some quick energy, etc. 

Put it all together with a little cellophane and ribbon and WAAALA!  Your very own Parent-Teacher Conference Survival Kit! 

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